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How I can receive Instructions and Code Books?   




Instructions and Code Books
How I can receive Instructions and Code Books?

You can buy Instructions and Code books very simple to make the following steps:

1) Send e-mail to me with your inquiry. Specify engine model, serial number, year of building etc.
Give all information about the machine that you know. It helps me to check our possibilities and give you the correct offer.
Please use the following address brovertek@gmail.com 

2) I check your inquiry and send the offer and ways of payment to you.

3) If you decide to order you need to make a payment. Your payment is your order.

4) We prepare your manuals and put PDF file(s) in the Internet for downloading and send links to you. You will be able to download them from Internet.

If your order has a big data level we will write CD(s) or DVD(s) and send disk(s) by courier (DHL or UPS - depends upon you). 

I wish you good luck in business,
Viktor Knyazyev.

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